About Trash Fashion

The Journey of the Trash Fashion Show started in 1998 with the inaugural show.

The first show was held in 1999 and every year until 2006. The next show will be 2016. It will now be held every two years, to occur on even years.

An average of 60 designers, over 8 categories, compete in the show every year, including categories for children, teens, novice and open.

The Lions Club of Seaward Kaikoura have given in excess of $100,000 to the Community, from the proceeds of the show. To WestPac Rescue Helicopter, St John, Kaikoura Coastguard, Kaikoura Hospital, Kaikoura Fire Brigade, Oaro Volunteer Fire Brigade and many other worthy organisations.

Trash Fashion has become one of the Icon events in Kaikoura, giving many locals and others the opportunity to show their skills in a creative way and have fun at the same time.

The Lions are grateful to the local businesses who are faithful sponsors providing all the prize money.

Lions Club of Seaward Kaikoura